Barasat Government Medical College & Hospital

About the department

Microbiology is a subject that the students will study in the Phase II of their MBBS Course. Here you learn about microorganisms and what disease they cause, their pathogenesis & diagnosis. This department in involved in a lot of patient care activities like Culture & Sensitivity testing, serological testing (e.g. HBsAg, HCV, RPR, Widal etc),stool examination to name a few.

Departmental Teaching Staff of Microbiology

Sr. # Name Designation
1 Prof.(Dr.) Mohua Bose, MD Professor & Head
2 Dr. Moumita Adhikary, MD Associate Professor
3 Dr. Papiya Biswas, MD Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Indranil Bagchi Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Jaya Das Senior Resident
6 Dr. Hossain Najma Banu Senior Resident
7 Dr. Utpal Kanti Bhattacharya Senior Resident