Barasat Government Medical College & Hospital

About the department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology enlightens students on clinical Physiology which will be required for the basic concepts of medicine. Apart from learning about the subject and achieving the purpose of becoming a responsible Indian Medical Graduate. In this department you will learn how to do clinical examination, interpret ECG, Pulmonary Function tests etc.

Departmental Teaching Staff of Physiology

Sr. # Name Designation
1 Prof. (Dr.) Ananda Mukhopadhyay, MD Professor & HOD
2 Prof. (Dr.) Sumana Panja, MD Professor
3 Dr. Anindya Roy, MD Associate Professor
4 Dr. Debjani Banerjee, MD Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Shampa Das, MD Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Tanmoy Banerjee, MD Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Suuvankar Hira Senior resident
8 Dr. Prasenjit Mandal Senior resident